Friday, July 16, 2010

MotherTheresa Might Have Whacked this "Victim"--Just Sayin'

Let's face it, if you had been married to this guy, you might well have been justified in hiring someone to whack him.  Big hat tip to the invaluable resource KC Crime Scene.


  1. Hey, WC/BL,

    This is an honest man. He might be a regular liar and thief, but he is honest in a way that might be eluding you. He knows what he is, and understands why bad things happen to him. He might be a really bad guy - so bad that you would never want him near you or yours. But he lives in his actual life and is not surprised when bad things befall him.

    I am a fan of your blog and am hopeful that things will start working better for you in life. I am writing this to you because I see this guy as an almost ideal counterpoint to your narrative of a fall that was unforeseen and your struggle to understand it.

    Every best wish to you.

  2. Anon @ 3:23--Thank you for your wonderful comment, your point is well-taken; but as I've said many times on this blawg--folks get attention, here, because I RELATE to THEM . . . as "bad" as they are. You are right, that the narrative on Bad Lawyer corresponds with a "coming to," a conscious embrace of what was not entirely unseen by me--but an effort at a honest, eyew wide open journey from this place to where ever it takes me. You are right about this character--that's why he made it on Bad Lawyer, Mother Theresa would have been right to have ordered up a hit on the Bad Lawyer!

    And thank you for your wishes! I take all prayers and good wishes with gratitude.