Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stoopid, Stoopid, Stoopid

Newsradio KFAB 1110 out of Lincoln, Nebraska has one of the all time too-stoopid-to-live criminal stories (via the invaluable Fark):

Officer Katie Flood said the man was arrested after his 17-year-old former girlfriend called police to report a disturbance. Flood said the man allegedly threatened to distribute a video of him and the girl having consensual sex, if she didn't pay back money he claimed she owed him.  A search warrant executed at the man's home led to the discovery of the video. Since the video contained images of the 17-year-old, the man was charged for manufacturing child porn.
I'm pretty sure we are not talking "child porn," but a damn good extortion/blackmail charge sounds like it might stick.   You don't have to read Bad Lawyer for long to get the idea that I love these Karmic justice moments. 


  1. You know that guy is a douche, sure, but you are overlooking a terrible scourge that is going around the country, thanks to careerist prosecutors who either never got laid as kids or are as totally immoral on teen sex as they are on drug use. This kid should get a slap for the lame blackmail try, but the sex thing could easily put him away for an insane amount of time, not to mention having to register as a sex criminal for ever. Michigan and a number of other states have had these insane cases where "Romeo and Juliet" couples wind up with one being declared the perp (typically the boy) and the other the victim (usually the girl).

    A prosecutor has a duty to seek justice. The one in this case is overcharging for no good reason, which should be grounds for disbarment.

  2. Anon@3:05
    You said it beter than I did.