Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Denying Your Crime Makes Little Sense When You Have Multiple Victims

This AZCentral story from Mesa,AZ reminds me of so many of the sex abuse cases, especially clergy sex cases I was involved with over the years. 

Part of the reason, Jeff Anderson and his SNAP colleague and attorney Barbara Blaine have been so successful in pursuing the Cathoic Church is also the reason folks at publications like American Catholic are so riled:  these advocates obtain publicity for the complaints brought by victims of clergy sex abuse.  With publicity, Jeff, Barbara, et al. are able to fashion a narrative and with the narrative, publicity, and witnesses and other victims come forward.

That is precisely what happened after Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya, 43, was publically charged with sexually abusing 9 female patients.  Authorities subsequently received calls from twenty-five other female victims. This is from Stephanie Russo's report for the Arizona Republic:

"The Mesa doctor who was accused of unwanted sexual contact with nine female patients pleaded not guilty Wednesday.  Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya, 43, pleaded not guilty to two counts sexual assault and 13 counts sexual abuse. After receiving more than 25 calls following the initial arrest, six additional victims came forward to file reports of alleged assault and abuse, officers rearrested him June 25. Police said officers had to jump over a counter and negotiate with Ogbonnaya to get him to leave his Mesa office. . .
After the Arizona Medical Board became aware of the case, Ogbonnaya was required to take a psychosexual evaluation and sign a practice restriction June 16, which required a female licensed health-care professional to be present during office visits with future female patients.

After the additional allegations surfaced, the board suspended his medical license due to the increased number of victims and the seriousness of the allegations, executive director of the board Lisa Wynn said. Following his first arrest, Ogbonnaya's attorney Jan Buescher said they "vehemently deny" the allegations. Ogbonnaya's court date is scheduled for August 26."
Now think about it, what the hell was the Catholic Church thinking when it decided to play hard ball with the early victims of clergy sex abuse.  The Church's denial tactics created Jeff Anderson, SNAP and Voice of the Faithful all outraged voices. 

Go ahead Dr. Ogbonnaya deny your crimes, we'll see.


  1. BL

    Remember the docotr of mechanotherapy that sleazoid BG used? He kept wanting to massage the patient, internally. He got away with it for an awful long time if I remember correctly. Something like Doctor Hurt????


  2. One problem with your article..The doctor is innocent...

  3. He's innocent and he's been rightly acquitted. Shame on you for pronouncing him guilty before the trial.

  4. You should write another article stating how Dr. O is and has always been innocent!