Monday, November 30, 2009


The New York Times had a great "About New York" column Sunday.  Jim Dwyer reports on Mark Hoyte who received a collection call concerning an unpaid credit card.  Hoyte tells the caller, he never had the credit card and upon further questioning it becomes clear that the caller from the law firm of Pressler and Pressler have the wrong Mark Hoyt, in fact Hoyte supplies details to the collector for this law firm that he is not in fact the same individual who is the debtor on the account.

Pressler and Pressler sue Hoyt anyway.

Last week Mr. Hoyt takes time off work, losing by the way a days wages and goes to court.  Once again he demonstrates that he is not the Mark Hoyte obligated under for the credit card.  The attorney, a Mr. Andy Wang from Pressler and Pressler hem and haws in front of the Judge who is now really pissed that this poor man has been sued for no reason.  Attorney Wang gets defensive and begins lighting into the victim of the frivolous lawsuit blaming the innocent Mr. Hoyte for getting wrongly sued in the first place because he didn't send written proof of his identity to Pressler and Pressler.  Mr. Hoyte explained to this bottom feeding leech that when he spoke to Pressler and Presslet they did not ask for "written documentation."  

Judge Dear has ordered Mr. Wang to arrange for the compensation of Mr. Hoyte for his lost wages or return to court in January for a sanctions hearing.

A fleeting moment of justice to cheer you up.

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