Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say Goodbye to Your Law License, Orly

Lucas Daniel Smith, a "birther" witness has provided a declaration saying dentist/attorny Orly Taitz suborned perjury as part of her federal lawsuit directed at invalidating the election of the President of the United States. If true, (always a dangerous assumption regarding anything having to do with Orly Taitz and the  birthers) , this invariably means that Dr. Taitz days as a licensed attorney are numbered.

Good bye, Orly.  It was fun.




    Less interesting but in teh same vein, Phillip Berg is shot down.

  2. there is too much evidence both factual&circumstantial supporting the fraud of obubbas presidency to have some one lie let both sides take a polyagraph better yet let obubba tahe one this matter has never been given the apropriate coverage given the severity of this issue other than by those of us still concerned with the constitution. especially gine those of us still believing in the constitution have been proclaimed domestic terrorists by the white house

    the pope