Saturday, November 7, 2009

What a Dick!

Great piece of bloggery by Lawrence Lessig re: the vote of of Sen. Richard Burr against Sen. Al Franken's amendment to do away with mandatory arbitration clauses in defense contracts that prevented Jamie Leigh Jones from suing her employer and the co-workers who gang raped her!

Now why did this republican Senator from North Carolina vote against the Franken amendment?  

MONEY?  Lots of money.  This genius took $700,000 from defense contractors and the Chamber of Commerce who actively opposed the amendment.  

Isn't life grand?  

This is the link to my earlier post of Franken's examination of witnesses including Miss Jones:

Lessig' blog post at Huffington Post has links to petitions, etc. designed to publically embarass Burr--like anything is beneath this creep.

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