Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guns in Bars!

The Tennessean is reporting that the Guns-In-Bars law enacted over Governor Bredesen's veto and the nearly unanimous objection of Tennessee's Bar and Restaurant lobby, was struck down by Davidson County (Nashville) Judge Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman.

According to the Tennessean,   "The legislation, passed by the Tennessee General Assembly earlier this year, allowed people with handgun carrying permits to bring guns into bars and restaurants, so long as they were not drinking. Establishments were allowed to 'opt out' of the bill, by posting a no-handguns sign on the front door.

"Nothing says 'family-friendly vacation' like a sign assuring Mom that no shots would be fired while Junior eats his chicken fingers.

"'It was almost worse than the law allowing it,' Spyridon said. 'It compounded the problem. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, but guns and alcohol don't mix. For an industry like us, you want and have to convey a safe environment.'"

The Tennessean, reports that nearly a quarter million Hillb..., er, Tennesseans have handgun permits.  

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  1. I own 11 , beef and beer type establishments across 5 states and in the area where I live I provide the security. I have never allowed guns or any other weapon...dont like it go else where. this specifically includes law enforcement...a drunk person with a gun is just that.