Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grandma blew .415

The Blue Ash (Cincinnati-area) Police jailed Maria Krull last Wednesday after she was pulled over for speeding.  She had her 5 year old granddaughter in the car. When administered the Breathalyzer Mrs. Krull blew .415 blood-alcohol content level, or 5 times the legal limit in Ohio.  According to the Cincinnati Enquirer website, this is not Mrs. Krull first DWI, she is currently under suspension for a September drunk driving arrest.  The arresting police officer, Mark Ziegler  says this BAC-level is "crazy high," noting that the level of intoxication is among the top five he has seen in his two decade career.

The police prosecutor suggests that jail is probably the safest place for Mrs. Krull during the holiday season, who remains incarcerated with bail set at $32,000.  I'm pretty sure the prosecutor is right; although I doubt that Mrs. Krull can recognize it, just about now, she's lucky to be alive, she's lucky she didn't kill her granddaughter and herself, she's lucky she didn't kill others.  She's at rock bottom, the only question is how much further does she wish to burrow and is she going to take anyone else with her?

Personally, I've been there.

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