Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lawyers Who Need a Smack

The legal tabloid, alerts us to this item at the Texas Lawyer Blog:

Yes, a Texas personal injury lawyer is suing a local church that operates a day care center for the homeless near his office.  Attorney Harry C. Arthur "seeks a minimum of $250,000 in damages from defendants Christ Church Cathedral and The Beacon to compensate him for the loss of rentals in his building and the loss of its market value. Arthur alleges The Beacon, which is operated by Cathedral Health & Outreach Ministries, has created a 'health hazard' in the area." 

Mr. Arthur's website notes that he "specializes in soft tissue injuries"--translation:  this is a bottom feeder, folks.  I recognize that I'm pretty hard on the cops, but generally speaking the police, professionally, have it all over lawyers.


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