Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I hate cops! Let me count the ways...

In Oakland, California, a Bay-Area Regional Transit (BART) cop was filmed beating the snot out of some poor schizophrenic schmuck, running the guy's head into a plate glass window, shattering the window. The victim was charged with assault and battery for the lacerations to the cop.  The video is at CNN.  

BART is the same department that employed Johannes Mehserle, a cop that murdered Oscar Grant, III,  also caught on video.  The Oakland Tribune is covering the ongoing prosecution of Officer Mehserle see:  and the full coverage is at:

But the story that really caught my attention is the slaying of wheelchair-bound Canadian singer/songwriter Thomas Reid (of the folk rock group Rehab Mama) by the Texas Rangers in Fort Stockton, Texas last Friday.  Get this, the Texas Rangers say Mr. Reid somehow wrestled a gun away from an able-bodied Texas Ranger and turned the gun on them.  Uh, huh. Right.  For more on this story:

Let me assure you, I could fill this blawg with examples of the police abuse of power, trivial abuses of police authority to fatal failures, every week, week-in and week-out.

Are there good police, you bet.  I know many terrific policemen and women.  Do the police feel under attack by lawyers, the community, and the media?  Undoubtedly. But, when the police stand behind the officers who commit these acts, and rationalize the abuse of power they deserve our contempt and more.

Now, explain something to me, why is one of the BIG STORIES, in heavy headline-rotation, that annoying southern chef, Paula Deen getting boinked in the nose?


  1. The police protecting these people because their white and thats their friends If these people work minoritys they would have been shot, Their is a Chicago crime loose in Chicago I'm sure they do this all the time because its so easy to do, They get fake victims to make false police reports, They get fake witnesses to make false police reports( like Marie)(my 20 minute audio tapes prove this 100%) they plant evidence, commit crimes right in the area to the person their framing,( 3 crimes within 50 feet from my home were committed while this guy Cox was renting my basement) and listen on the persons cell phone to to find out where their going to be and to commit crimes their or make false police reports in that area and they listen in on cell phones to hear what the persons talking about to plan out their crimes this is all proven 100%. Then they got crooked cops doing the rest read above.

    These criminals with the scanners cost the city millions of dollars and millions more with the lawsuits and the racist crooked cops are not going after them.

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