Monday, November 23, 2009

Running a Homeless Shelter, that'll a Get You Jail!

San Obispo Rancher, Dan de Vaul is going to jail because he runs a homeless shelter for 60;  that just irritates the shit out of the local authorities.  After being convicted of the code violations, De Vaul was offered probation, but he knew that he would  and could not comply with the conditions of probation that included orders to correct numerous building and housing code violations.  De Vaul knew that if he took the probation option he'd be back in court, in no time, on probation violations so he decided to skip that step and go straight to jail.  Superior Court Judge John Trice said deVaul's an arrogant SOB.  No doubt.  No word on what the California Judge Trice thinks of Ghandi, Jesus, or Mandela.  For more:  and a link to Sunny Acres, de Vaul's ranch:

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