Monday, November 30, 2009

Shoot a Cyclist in the Head, That'll Be, 120 Days

Asheville firefighter Charles Diez got really pissed when he had to tap his brakes for a a couple of cyclists and their child who were riding along what Diez determined to be a dangerous road way.   Mr. Diez pulled ahead of the bicyclists and confronted them.  You know the typical enraged motorist rant, "why-are-you-impeding-my-path-of-travel you freaking commie eco-terrorist, you?!"

So Diez gets out of his vehicle, begins to argue with the male cyclist, pulls a gun and shoots him in the head.  The bullet passes through the bicycle helmet without hitting Alan Simons, the cyclist.  The police charge Diez with attempted murder, the Grand Jury reduced the charge to felony assault with a deadly weapon.

The Asheville Superior Court Judge James Downs felt that 120 days and restitution of $1200 to Mr. Simons for his damaged eardrum should about cover it.

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