Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Insurance Companies are Douche Bags!


The link is to Law.com, (one of the great law blawgs), which reports this AM, about the insurance company that sought to avoid providing a defense to an insured, a business man who had called a rival businessman a "douche bag." 

The Court in holding that the insurer was on the hook for a "defense and coverage," held the expression, "douche" or "douche bag" to be an opinion not subject to being proved false and therefore actually not defamatory;  thus the remark is not an "intentional tort" excluded under the businessman's liability insurance policy. 

 See:  http://www.nylj.com/nylawyer/adgifs/decisions/112009gische.pdf


  1. wait--did someone actually sue someone else for calling him a douche bag? What a litigious douche bag.

  2. Oh, trust me (never a trust a lawyer who says, "oh, trust me") we will continue our exploration of stupid lawsuits!

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