Friday, November 13, 2009

What's that Smell?

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, in other words formaldehyde causes cancer.  The EPA is reviewing rules directed at controlling the use of formaldehyde in consumer products.

President Obama nominated Dr. Paul Anastas, to head the EPA's office of research and development, which means Dr. Anastas, who is considered the father of "green chemistry" and a distinguished professor of chemistry from Yale, will play an important role in formulating the rules governing the future use of formaldehyde.

Everything was going swimmingly with the nomination of Dr. Anastas; at the committee level Dr. Anastas nominaton received a unanimous vote, but whoa, Nellie--there is a senate "hold."

Guess who?  Why it is  the distinguished gentleman from Louisiana, and the hooker's favorite: Senator David Vitter seen in the pic (we don't know whether he has a poopy diaper or not although from the look on his face it looks like he may be "making one")--has objected to Dr. Anastas' nomination.

Well, why?

According to Mother Jones, "campaign finance records show that many of Louisiana's big formaldehyde polluters happen to be—you guessed it—Vitter campaign donors. He's received $9,000 from Dow Chemical's PAC, $5,000 from Monsanto's, $5,000 from ExxonMobil's, and $2,500 from the American Forest and Paper Association's. The American Forest and Paper Association is also a member of the Formaldehyde Council, an industry group whose views [are Senator Vitter's."]

What's that smell?  

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