Friday, November 13, 2009

I Did Not Commit That Murder, Afterall I Was Too Busy Running the Country

Sometime you should shut up and let a lawyer defend you.  Kevin Wayne Dunigan, pro se (Latin for fool for a client, fool for a lawyer) on trial for murder in Sacramento, California recently explained to the jury in his closing remarks that he could not have committed the murder he was charged with because he was running the country and working on solution to global warming.  Mr. Dunigan added that President Bush did everything he was told to do, and that he hoped President Obama would work with him to solve the remaining problems of mankind.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Dunigan the DNA evidence and eyewitness testimony seem to insure that he will have to pursue his efforts for world peace and harmony from behind bars, although one would thing that he will at least get a second crack at a jury trial on the fatal stabbing charge--since, it seems pretty clear that his bizarre-style courtroom style may have caused a mistrial.

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