Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's see we Pardon the Turkey, we kill the Retard

Texas is planning to kill a mentally-defective (IQ "hovers" around 70) death row inmate for the holiday season.

This pathetic Texas inmate's attorney blew all of his appellate options and rights; so Bobby Wayne Wood's only prayer is clemency from Gov. Rick Perry.  Good luck, there.  For more:


  1. Wow, can't believe you actually wrote "we kill the retard." how about a little respect for people with special needs. certainly you must know that the word retard is a slur. So let me get this straight, you obviously were concerned enough about his fate to post this yet you still dehumanized him by calling him a retard. Have I got that right?

  2. HJ--

    While the BL is not politically correct, the intent of the post and the title is to channel the attitude that would permit the death penalty proponents of Texas to act in a way that would justify killing this man. In Nazi Germany the justification for the genocide of so many classes of persons was precisely the dehumanization I intended in the title. I don't regret that it offended you, it was intentionally provocative.


  3. Texas... Is anyone really suprised that they think this way? They seem pretty proud of it and embrace their ignorance.