Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Judge Asshat!

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Harris County District Attorney has filed a motion to disqualify Judge Reagan C. Helm from presiding over 74 domestic violence matters.  Apparently this Judge likes to crack wise in open court, mocking women and victims of domestic violence accusing some women of "having [husbands] by the balls," in another instance after mockingly referring to the appearance of a violent offender as "a real killer" the Judge asked (incredulously) of a victim seeking a protective order,  "you're telling me you're afraid of him."

Texas law permits the lawyers for each criminal defendant (according to the Chronicle, dozens of attorneys) covered by the recusal motion may object, causing a major headache for the court.  The Harris County District Attorney says Judge Helm's long standing deep bias and pattern of trivializing domestic violence necessitated the recusal motion.    

What a jerk.

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  1. I had a case where the Judge took child custody from a mother who admitted she had smoked marijuana, and gave it to the father who had a criminal record for violent crimes.