Monday, May 3, 2010

2d Circuit Nominee In Trouble for Not Loving the Death Penalty, Enough

President Obama nominated Hartford, Conneticut-based, US District Judge Robert N. Chatigny to the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals.  The American Bar Association which as you know, is the organization of major domos in the legal profession, unanimously rated Judge Chatigny "well qualified" for the appellate position, but as you know there are some politicians and others in this country who are in love with the Angel of Death and he has raised their ire.  Here's a link to the article on the right's objrections to the Chatigny nomination.  You get the full flavor from that link of the right wing outrage at Chatigny.

US District Judges are, as I've said in the past, the cream of the judicial crop.  These are the most deliberative and intellectual men and women in the legal profession.  By reputation, Judge Robert Chatigny is one of the most thoughtful and respected of the current U.S. District Court bench. 

Federal Judges take very seriously, the job of looking at the fine grain of American jurisprudence, especially the death penalty.  Judge Chatigny is under attack by Arizona Senator John Kyl and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who essentially critiqued Judge Chatigny's because he is insufficiently in love with state-sanctioned killing of death row inmates.  Kyl and Coburn love the angel of death, it is the politics of the Southwest to love the death penalty.

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