Sunday, May 16, 2010

Judge Turner's a Creepy AV-Rated Jurist

Judge N. James Turner, a family law Judge for the Ninth Circuit in Osceola, Florida has been removed because his Honor thinks massaging, hugging and kissing staff is appropriate and his court staff and the presiding Judicial authorities disagree.  This is from the report at the Orlando Sentinel:
"The state agency that polices judges Friday expanded its case against Orange-Osceola Circuit Judge N. James Turner, accusing him of massaging, hugging and kissing the women in his office. The new allegations also accuse Turner of taking cell phone calls while on the bench, checking his Facebook page during court proceedings and unexpectedly getting up and walking out while court was in session.
Those allegations are tacked onto another set that were filed against him in July. They accuse him of a series of campaign violations, including being an open supporter of Democratic candidates in other races in 2008 while conducting what was supposed to be a nonpartisan campaign for judge.  Those charges are pending.Turner hasn't been on the bench since Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. last month ordered him to stop working. Perry did not explain his actions at the time. Neither would Turner. m Friday's disclosure, though, provides a general explanation.  Although he has been on the bench just 16 months, Turner has had four secretaries, called judicial assistants. Some judges can have one judicial assistant throughout a career."
The publication, Matindale-Hubbell is a lawyer listing and rating service that pre-dates "Super Lawyers." Turner describes himself as a "A-V rated" lawyer and jurist.  This ought to tell you how reliable lawyer ratings are.  He also lists himself as an author of two articles on Employer Liability for Sexual Harassment in the workplace in the Florida Bar Journal

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