Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Public Defender Embarassed--No Shit!

The Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram reports on Public Defender Michael Hussey (pic) pulled over for driving under the influence.  Hussey was so drunk he had pissed and shit his pants. 

Happens, right? 

Hussey made his predicament notable by making a big deal with the arresting officers about "leaving out the [excretory] details," of his drunken humiliation.   First attorney Hussey was so impaired he could not "complete" the Breathalyzer test; and, Hussey had a notorious prior. 

According to the Telegram story, state troopers had previously cut this drunk a break. One of the troopers involved in that earlier DUI arrest was subsequently disciplined for the attempted cover-up, Hussey was never charged.

A wise person I talk to says that the Universe will give you plenty of opportunities in life to see your shortcomings--the things you need to correct.  If you don't take advantage of your early opportunities to make corrections, you can go ahead and piss and shit all over your chances.  At least that's my experience.  Nothing like making things worse?

I was reading about the Jewish myth of King Solomon.  Supposedly, a giant eagle would fly to him as he stood atop his palace, bowing the eagle would present him with two leaves in its beak.  King Solomon understood the leaves to represent two ideas, one was "fallen" and the other was "eyes open."  While I may not understand precisely the moral of this story, I like the metaphor.  I am fallen, but my eyes are open. 


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