Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Even Prosecutors and Pastors Get Caught with Child Porn

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has the report of the prosecutor and former municipal court judge caught downloading and viewing child pornography.  "Curiosity," is what George Richard "Dick" Fox termed his actions costing him a 2 year prison term.  Attorney Fox does not see what "harm" his activities caused. 

At the same website, there's the account of the former Pastor, Andrew Spalleck, (pic) who's off to the penitentiary for sharing child porn.

Bad Lawyer  has repeatedly explored this subject and the types of people caught up in prosecutions for engaging in production, possession, and dissemination of this material.  This is a victim-full crime.  A crime that can't be committed unless children are exploited.  But, something a good friend of mine said many years ago that I know to be true--when you "get away" with this crime you really never get away.  You take on darkness from the crime, it is with you at a seed level.  In my years of civil prosecution of child sex abuse, I came across some of this stuff in police files that became part of evidence in cases, and from witnesses and victims of child sex abuse.  This is terrible soul-killing stuff.

That any one's child, anywhere,  is exploited to produce this material should outrage all of us.

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