Friday, May 7, 2010

Wild and Crazy Chicago Lawyer!

Meanith Huon (not a misspelling, pic) is a Chicago Lawyer on trial for abduction and rape. 

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch Huon was in St. Louis on business, when he met up with at least one young woman who agreed to meet him in a bar for a job interview.  Huon claims he was trying to engage hookers.  After drinking for a few hours Huon got the young lady into his car.

Huon felt up his passenger, raped her after which she jumped from his moving car.  Huon says the young lady is a whore and that she tried to shake him down for $500. 

Whether or not you believe this was a young "working woman," don't you just love lawyers?  We are so moral, ethical, and we ennoble all things we touch--especially when we get out of town with a few dollars in our pockets. Party, party, party . . .


  1. Our man Meanith, beat the rap! A St. Louis jury acquitted him of rape, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

  2. And now he turned to lucrative yet unethical (surprise!) semi-legal practice of copyright trolling. I.e. monetizing allegations in copyright infringement, mostly gay porn.

    1. Monitor bittorent, write down IP addresses.

    2. File a monstrous lawsuit against hundreds and ask court to subpoena ISPs for subscribers who were assigned those addresses at that time, courts usually rubber-stamp such requests.

    3. Send threatening letters, promise to let all your neighbors know about your gay porn habits and lie about individual lawsuit. Demand $3K so this headache goes away.

    4. Profit (with a capital "P").

  3. It's funny, in most states admitting that you were "only" out trolling for hookers would still get your law license pulled.

  4. I know this guy, he's a perv. I was his roommate during a few months in Chicago. He had plenty of porn and russian dating services as favorites on his computer. Funny i was wondering what happened to him

  5. I am going to sue for defamation.

  6. I am going to sue YOU for defamation. I am going to get a subpoena issued and track down the IP address you logged in from.

  7. Found this profile on FB. It's CREEPY!!