Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meeting with the Disciplinary Authorities, Best Wishes for a Good Lawyer

I have children through the miracle of adoption.  The adoption process was unpleasant, painful, difficult, humiliating, expensive, and finally something I would do again over and over if the children who are my children were there with the Blond Super Lawyer and me at the end of the day.  My children, to this day keep me motivated to show up--and, if you have read anything I've written here over the last couple of months, it hasn't  been easy.  My daughter was 72 hours old when she was placed in the Blond Super Lawyer's arms.  My 14 month old son was alleged to be "special needs" and unplaceable--my God, we should all have his special needs:  the special need to be loved and be able to give love.  In this and many other departments he is a brilliant and beautiful guy.
This mash note to my brats is by way of telling you about a friend of mine who has an appointment with the disciplinary authorities in OurState, today. 

I met BB, nearly 20 years ago when a "targeted adoption" that she was handling as an attorney meant for my friends, Pat and Sharon, which they were prevented by "the adoption rules" then in place because they had adopted a beautiful baby boy, within certain time-frames then in place--even though Pat and Sharon wanted and were able to support a larger family.  My friends would later adopt a second baby--also an amazing beautiful and funny child.  And my friends, Pat and Sharon are the truly gracious and loving God parents in the truest sense of the word for both of my children both formally and informally--as well, as half of the known world. 

But this post is about BB, the adoption and family law attorney who meets with the disciplinary authorities, today.  If you pray, pray for a good outcome for her.  BB deserves a good outcome.  BB did many wonderful things over many years--including bringing discarded children and children lovingly placed for adoption together with loving parents.  Like me she screwed up, without getting into details, I imagine her deviations were not on the scale of mine--but an indiscretion sufficient to cause her endless pain and suffering. BB deserves a good outcome, in my opinon--but we are dealing with the disciplinary authorities of OurState who are capable of inconsistently reprimanding one young lawyer who screws her clients, then lies about it;  while a veteran attorney serving the indigent community who improperly notarizes a document gets suspended.  My point is that while I think the Supremes think they are being consistent, disciplinary outcomes can be and often are arbitrary and capricious.

So here's hoping for a great outcome for a good lawyer.


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