Friday, May 14, 2010

A Really Bad County Commissioner

Since this video report, Stephen Nodine was indicted for the murder of Angel Downs, a Mobile Alabama-area realtor;  and,  a Mobile County Grand Jury "impeached" commissioner Nodine according to AI.Online.  Alabama law is very interesting, if you watch he video you'll see that County Commissioners can not only be issued vehicles for their use, but County officials are issued guns!  It'll be remarkable if Angel Downs proves to have been slain by a county-issued firearm.  Of course, in Alabama, killing your girlfriend with a county-issued handgunn is probably some sort of protected right under the state consitution. 

Nodine who carried on an extramarital affair with Angel Downs was seen partying with her at a local beach on the day of her homicide.  The Commissioner's county issued "pick up" was seen speeding away from the scene or Angel Down's fatal shooting.  Marijuana was seized from the county-owned truck;  and,  after the shooting Nodine hospitalized himself. 

In March, Nodine, a Republican  accused the democratic District Attorney of "hurting crime fighting" becuase of efforts by the District Attorney to crack down on illegal gambling.

One of the more interesting aspects to this story is that the "impeachment" proceeding appears to be embedded in the indictment procedure before the County Grand Jury.  

Oh well, I guess, Stephen Nodine had some unresolved issues.  They appear to be resolved. 

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