Friday, May 28, 2010

Loser Lawyer Loses License

Andrew Lockshin is a goofball with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old as reflected it the disciplinary case from the Ohio Supremes stripping him of his law license "indefinitely."  In essence my Ohio colleagues tell me he can reapply for admission after two years but he's going to have to demonstrate that he's grown up.  This is from Kristin Smith Horn story at the Port Clinton News Herald  (link):

 "The [Ohio Supreme Court], in a 7-0 decision, suspended Andrew Lockshin's license to practice law in Ohio indefinitely to protect the public from him, according to the court's decision.

'This has been a challenging, disturbing and sensitive case, particularly for those who have been victimized by Mr. Lockshin's inappropriate conduct,' said Cathleen Bolek, trial counsel for the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, which pursued disciplinary action against Lockshin. 'Throughout this case, Mr. Lockshin has failed to demonstrate a sincere commitment to pursuing treatment. His failure has caused concern that he will re-offend.'

During a phone interview Tuesday, Lockshin apologized for the harm he caused people involved in his case and said he hopes they can move on with their lives. 'I'm relieved that this chapter of my life is over and look forward to moving on with the next chapter,' he said.

Lockshin, however, said he plans to leave the Fremont area and pursue a career in sales. He declined to comment further. Lockshin, 33, has been an attorney since 2002 and handled court-appointed criminal cases and other matters in Sandusky, Ottawa and other area county courts.  Since November, Lockshin has been in and out of jail on various charges, including drunken driving and falsification. He has a hearing Friday in Fremont Municipal Court on his latest case, a probation violation charge.  The charge resulted after police found him in a local tavern last month -- four days after he was put on probation. Per his probation, he was not allowed to go to bars, according to court records.  The Supreme Court's decision brought forth new details regarding Lockshin's mental state, and allegations made by former clients.

After an August hearing, the court's Board of Commissioners on Grievance and Discipline determined Lockshin acted inappropriately with clients -- all women and a 17-year-old girl -- a sheriff's deputy and a witness and missed the deadline to appeal a male client's criminal conviction. The board recommended in January the court indefinitely suspend his license.  During his testimony before the board, Lockshin admitted to having inappropriate conversation and contact with the women but denied some allegations. One client accused him of touching her breast and another said he told her he wanted to perform a sexual act on her and wanted to see her breasts.

Some clients said he asked to meet them at hotels. The 17-year-old girl said when he visited her in jail, he touched her leg and told her he was aroused. The sheriff's deputy said he discussed the size of his genitals with her.  Lockshin, however, showed a pattern in lying in depositions regarding his case, the justices wrote. Instead of taking full responsibility for his behavior, he made excuses and blamed some of the women, according to the court's decision.

The bar association and Lockshin [negotiated] a two-year license suspension with 18 months stayed, meaning [Lockshin] would actually be suspended six months.  The suspension would have included certain conditions, including a requirement he seek treatment for his behavior, Bolek said.  After the bar learned more about Lockshin's medical state and lack of treatment at the hearing, it learned a harsher punishment was necessary to protect the public, she said."
Can you say:  A-l-c-o-h-o-l-i-c?  Seriously the universe is telling this guy that he needs to fix a big problem.  He needs to get sober, and grow up.  Amazingly, Mr. Lockshin still has a law career and a life out there, if (big IF) he can get help.  I envy him!


  1. If it sounds like I'm name calling, I am directing the contempt at my own self. This guy is me with a different set of problems and impulses. He needs help, and the universe is just going to excalate the rocks in his path until he "comes to." Or doesn't.

  2. I take such exception to your inclusionary instinct. You are BL, a man of wisdom, insight and sensitivity. This other guy was just a bad lawyer.

  3. Everyone has there problems no one is perfect,you people don't know mr.lockshin,I agree he made mistakes,he is very sorry for what he has done,he has been threw a lot in the past years,whatever happend to forgive and forget?leave the man alone and worry about the problems going on in your lives!

  4. I've been THREW a lot also!

  5. I know Mr. Lockshin from past history. I am not suprised in his behaviors. He needs help. Yes he has gone through a lot but that is no excuse for putting peoples lives at stake.

  6. I don't know Mr. Lockshim personally... however, I had spoke with him on several occasions (while he was working) via phone and Yahoo Messenger and he is a very sexual man. I met him online through a dating site.

    I believe all of the allegations are true.

    1. when did this happen

  7. Andrew lockshin is a very sick man!!!