Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Buried Face Down So She Can See Hell Coming

It's pretty apparent if you've read Bad Lawyer for any time at all that I'm anti-death penalty.  The death penalty is a waste of time and money, and judicial efforts to obtain capital punishment knots the Courts in politics and demagoguery.  The innocent, the grieving, and the guilty are not well-served by state sanctioned killing. 

Then you read about a guy like George M. "Porgy" Secco who would be at the top of Mother Theresa's list for the needle.  Porgy Secco was a drug dealer, a drug informant, a petty crime boss, and a Mingo County, W. Va.-area restaurant/pizzeria operator.  While in the employ of the government as an informant Lecco continued to sell cocaine, he learned from the FBI that he was target of an investigation.   Lecco came to believe that his employee Carla Collins, 33 was selling him out.  The piece of shit had her murdered.  This is from the Charleston Gazette article:

"At Lecco's behest, his employee Patricia Burton, 41, and Valerie Friend, 47, shot and beat Collins to death in an abandoned trailer on Double Camp Hollow in the early morning hours of April 16, 2005, according to testimony. Burton and Friend have entered into plea deals with prosecutors over their roles in Collins' murder.

In 2007, before Friend entered a plea to avoid the death penalty, she and Lecco were tried together and convicted, and that jury recommended the death penalty for both. U.S. District Judge John T. Copenhaver Jr. overturned that verdict because of juror misconduct, and Friend struck a deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against Lecco in the re-trial. 

Lecco's defense argued that Burton attacked Collins out of jealousy over the attention paid to the younger women by Lecco, and Friend joined in the deadly assault after a long, cocaine-fueled drive around the Red Jacket area that culminated in the fateful visit to the trailer.  Investigators found Collins' body in a makeshift grave near the trailer, which had been torched following the killing, in June 2005. Friend testified during the trial that Lecco bragged that he had buried Collins, whom he called a snitch, facedown 'so she could see hell coming.'

She said she and Burton both used a .38 caliber revolver provided by Lecco to shoot Collins, and that Burton beat Collins in the head with a piece of cinderblock."
Look, I don't believe in the death penalty.  You can see, even from the dance of death surrounding George "Porgy" Lecco it's a waste of time and resources.  Nothing in the form of a penalty will do justice to the evil that is Porgy Lecco.  So why wrestle in the mud with this pig--how do we prove our humanity when we can't rise above his crimes. 

Porgy Lecco sees Hell coming, without having to bury him face down.

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