Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Nepotism is the practice by public officials of hiring their relatives by blood or marriage.  By the way, there are broader definitions but the definition I'm providing is a paraphrase of Black's Law Dictionary's entry for the term.  In light of my recent post on the Bread of Shame it's timely that a controversy surfaces in Ohio as reported at the Dayton Daily News, where 13 elected officials in the Montgomery County public offices have family members also hired and working for the county.  The picture of the attractive Judge and court reporter could be the family photo for next year's Christmas Card from the husband-wife Caprizzis.

The way it works in OurTown, corrupt politicians (most of whom seem to be under indictment or named in the current indictments of others), hire one another's relatives so that no specific officeholder employs his own direct relations.  In OurTown when you run into an incompetent governmental official, the question is:  who's this guy related to?

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but the reason this is such a big problem is that young people get out of school with out an even chance at employment based on merit or academic achievement.  Because the children of pols get a leg up on part time and summer employment ultimate career hiring is biased and skewed in favor of the relatives because of their so-called "experience.".  It's ridiculous and discouraging. 

It's good to see that in some places in Ohio the local media is exposing the charade and travesty.


  1. Laura--
    Thanks for you comment. I was talking to a gentleman at a noon luncheon the other day who asked what I would suggest to someone determined to pursue a legal career and I had to say, try to find a first job, keep your head down, establish a reputation for thoroughness, relaibility, competence and take your opportunities as they come along. Do not be picky about that first job, but try to make sure it's a real job with withholding and not some sort of independent contractor bs, where you find yourself behind the tax debt 8-ball and student loan debt morass.

    It's just so sad that merit plays such a small role in these public sector jobs.