Friday, May 14, 2010

Bangin' the Mayor, that'll Get You Supsended

The lovely woman to the left is the Mayor of Milford, Ohio a town somewhere near the Queen City.  The Cincinnati Enquirier is reporting on the Milford police officer who drew a 15 day suspension for providing services to the Mayor while on duty.  This is from Jennifer Baker's report:

"Milford Police Chief Mark Machan said Mayor Amy Brewer told him during an internal police investigation that she met more than once with Milford Police Officer Russell Kenney while the officer was working nights between November and mid-January.

The police department used GPS software to confirm Kenney’s marked police cruiser was parked outside Brewer’s condominium after the agency received a tip and began investigating, the chief said.  The department indicated Kenney’s car was at Brewer’s condo on six different dates and was parked there for periods ranging from 48 minutes to 1 hour and 53 minutes.  The cruiser’s presence raised suspicions, he said, because the mayor’s neighborhood is not one that typically generates police calls.  Among other evidence gathered during the probe, the chief said, is a cruiser camera recording of Kenney having a sexually explicit conversation with a woman named 'Amy.'

Initially, Brewer denied having sexual encounters with Kenney, according to the chief’s investigative report. Once he told her the agency had taken the tape from Kenney’s cruiser cam, the mayor 'became visibly shaken,' the chief wrote. The mayor was 'very apologetic' during the interview and 'very ashamed of her actions,' the chief wrote.’’
The one issue making this story noteworthy is that the Officer Kenney was supposed to be patrolling Milford, and not Mayor Brewer's bed linens.  The sex part--have at it.  Likewise, the streets department will plow the snow after a snow storm, there would probably be a similar objection if it were discovered that one of the drivers was plowing the Mayor...'s driveway.

Correction:  the Original post had the wrong photo for Mayor Brewer, my apologies.


  1. Mayor Brewer resigned according to the Columbus Dispatch, this AM.

  2. I do not think that picture is of the right Amy Brewer. Go to Milford City Council and use that picture. I hate to see the wrong girl attached to a sorted story.