Monday, May 24, 2010

Man Sucked Into Sausage Seasoning Machine

My pal Chris worked variously at advertising, public relations, film making, and a variety of glamorous sounding professions including newspapers.  To honor his experience, I customarily send along links to some of my favorite news headlines from the local news websites with the subject line, Bad Headline Alert.  Usually, the stories are not germane to what I write about at Bad Lawyer, so these items never make it onto my blawg, until this morning.  Over the weekend I came across the above-headline at the New York Daily News! I would have begun this post on a different note had this truly been some sort of tragic tale of industrial accident-woe, but it appears from the account at the Daily News that the worker at the DiLiugi Sausage Company was only partially "sucked" into the machine and that this Sausage Company maintenance worker suffered no real injury from the experience. 

It is amazing how often serious injuries do occur in workplaces, sometimes in the seemingly most innocuous situations while frightening accidents happen to people with little or no injury in other cases.  Despite some horrifying examples in recent weeks of fatal industrial accidents with a mine disaster and the oil platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico workers' compensation laws and OSHA safety rules have made the world a safer place.  Sometimes the rules and laws seen ridiculous but from the perspective of hindsight you can see that the work place has become less and less a place of disease, dismemberment and death.

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