Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gotta Love Those Tomatoes!

One of Bad Lawyer's favorite bad boys is Frederick Scott Sayler, the now incarcerated former Tomato King, or as the SacBee calls him, the Tomato Titan is in the news again today.  According to an article at the, Sayler's continuing adaptation to life behind bars continues to be stressful.  As you will recall from an earlier report, here, on Bad Lawyer federal  prosecutors allege Sayler was unloading adulterated tomatoes on the processed tomato foods industry.  Sayler was the CEO of SK Foods a multi-national food producer.  At the time of his arrest, Sayler had just stepped off a plane at JFK airport in New York after returning from overseas in what prosecutors suspect was a mission to establish a life on the lam.

Recently from his jail cell Sayler was recorded crying over the phone to his daughter about the quality of the jail food and his ex-wife's refusal to pony up the millions of dollars he would need to meet the astronomical bond the federal judge has imposed in an effort to guarantee Sayler's appearance in US District Court when his case goes forward.

Today, the SacBee tells us that jail officials confiscated certain items Sayler apparently arranged to have sent to him by a girlfriend labeled "attorney-client" privileged communications including what every well-manicured CEO needs in jail, an emery board.  But also a nude photo of the girlfriend depicted in the photograph seductively holding two tomatoes out in front of her.  Gotta love Frederick Scott Sayler!

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