Thursday, July 1, 2010

Squeaky Clean Defendant Caught

Marcus Garner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has your smile for today:

A man is in custody Wednesday after breaking into a Roswell home and taking a shower, police said. Around 2:30 p.m., neighbors on Hardscrabble Trail in the neighborhood near Roswell High School saw a man entering the home, Roswell police spokesman Lt. James McGee told the AJC.  'The lady of the house comes home and finds somebody taking a shower,' McGee said. 'She talked to the man while he was taking a shower, then came out.'

A SWAT team was called after the woman notified police, and officers eventually brought the man out, McGee said.

'He came out saying he was the Duke of Germany,' McGee told the AJC.

The motive is unclear, and the man has yet to be identified. He was taken to the a jail in north Fulton County
I honestly don't think ascertaining the intruder's motive is going to be all that problematic.  He just wanted to be presentable for court.


  1. Perhaps he was into a white-wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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