Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blago's Mouthpieces

The Chicago media and Internet Blawg's (including the ABAJournal) are full of profiles of disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's lawyers especially, former R.Kelly lawyer Sam Adam, Jr and patriarch Sam Adam, Sr.

The Chicago Tribune biography of Sam Adam, Jr. was the most interesting.  You should also take a peek at the Adam's website for a glimpse of an exotic hothouse snapshot of lawyers not bound by self-imposed ego limits. 

As you may recall if you follow such things, the hip-hop "artist" R. Kelly was accused of having sex with underage fans and video-taping the "performances," which could be obtained on the street.  Kelly was acquitted on state charges at a trial where the Sam Adams, Jr. delivered the opening and closing statement and arguments and is credited with some of the most colorful cross-examination of prosecution witnesses in recent Chicago legal history.

Father and Son: Sam Adamses--are not the only attorneys involved in the defense of former Governor Blagojevich, as in most of these celebrity trials, as you will recall from OJ--there is a team of brilliant lawyers including workhorses and showhorses.   Look for coverage of great lawyering on both sides of the Blagojevich trial.   Despite the "clownish" aspect of Blago--the issues in the case go to the very core of what is right and wrong with modern democratic government.  Maybe some light will be revealed. 

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  1. the results of this trial are meaningless if the unless the the activities of the present administration with regards to it's own attempts to influence elections and sinilarily those who hold office go unatended. equally if not more important with regards to punishing those engaged in criminal activity is the effect the consequences have on detering others from similar practices. with TRANSPARENCY AND A DEPARTURE FROM POLITICS AS USUAL thrown out the window no greater example of no one at any level being able to be exempt from the law would there be than to correct the unlawfull activity at the highest possible level certainly some would think it not worth the risk since the lot care little of the fair practice of government for the people. let me not hear it's been done for decades or there are more important issues these claims are an attempt to excuse apathy THERE IS NO MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE THAN REMOVING CORRUPTION IN THE VERY STRUCTURE OF OUR GOVERNMENT

    alast i don't blago will pay severe consequenses if any at all given the involvement of many others now apparently untouchable that must not be dragged into it
    please don't believe the practices of which i speak are any less illegal because of their frequency or the level of government that they occur

    the pope