Monday, June 28, 2010

Hypebole + Hypocrisy Illustrated

AZCentral is reporting that a visiting Pima County Superior Court Judge overseeing Maricopa County controversies between Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the rest of the elected world has ordered Arpaio to end his defiance of County Supervisors who have ordered him to appear at a county meeting to explain apparent financial misspending issues and produce records Arpaio has thus far refused to produce.  The by JJ Hensley is wonderful for the lawyering hyperbole of Arpaio's mouthpiece:

"[I]n a ruling released Friday, Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Gordon poked holes in nearly all of the sheriff's legal arguments and authorized supervisors to go forward with the hearing.  Eric Dowell, an attorney for Arpaio, said he would appeal Gordon's ruling on the basis that it's unconstitutional for a board to try to preside over an individual when some of its members are suing the very same person.

'That violates every notion of due process and fair play that has ever been recognized by a civilized society recognizing the rule of law,' Dowell said of the hearing the Supervisors are pursuing.

County administrators were pleased with the ruling and said the object of the proceeding is to get answers about spending, not to embarrass Arpaio, who has fought with county employees and elected officials over various issues in the last two years.

'We are pleased that Maricopa County can move forward, on behalf of the taxpayers, to address the objective concerns about certain financial irregularities within the Sheriff's Office. We urge the Sheriff to promptly produce the financial records requested,' county spokeswoman Cari Gerchick said in a statement. 'Maricopa County is pleased that yet another non-Maricopa County judge has ruled that its conduct was completely lawful.'

Gerchick said there was no timetable yet for when the supervisors would seek to hold the hearing for Arpaio.

Arpaio's lawyers argued that the supervisors couldn't call Arpaio before them for a judicial proceeding in part because Arpaio's investigation into county officials and indictments of two county supervisors created a conflict of interest.  The issue arose after months of wrangling between officials in Arpaio's administration and county supervisors over spending in the Sheriff's Office and records that could help confirm or deny the county's suspicions that some money was being spent inappropriately."
I love this lawyer's remarks, due process ... fair play...rule of law.  Arpaio invented the game of kicking people around without due process, fair play, or the rule of law.  Remember this is the guy who humiliates human beings guilty or not by marching them around in pink jumpsuits, who condones his deputies stealing from the private files and papers of attorneys at the courtroom table, who exercises utter contempt for the orders of Judges he is charged to assist, he's the "public servant" who initiates repeatedly frivolous criminal indictments and civil racketeering lawsuits, who defies federal and state laws, and Arpaio is the Sheriff who spends the taxpayers' money literally like it is nobody's business on, in one case a luxury bus, and private BigLaw attorneys.
The claim of attorney Eric Dowell is preposterous and the sort of obnoxious hyperbolic and hypocritical claim that brings contempt on all mouthpieces.


  1. Dear President Obama,

    Pennsylvanians rallying there in Arizona on Saturday June 5th in 107 degree sun helped make the support Arizona rally a success. Really wish I could have went, but I have been following this really cool poll, and you are only allowed to vote one time. When you click back on the link later all you view is the latest number of votes. A friend in Virginia sent me this poll, another friend in Texas said a few other ones are also out and have similar numbers.

    Poll: Do you support Arizona's tough new law on illegal immigration?
    Vote here

    503,202 YES Votes - 20,385 N0 Votes
    those were the numbers Saturday June 5th
    presently showing 1,523,042 YES votes – 68,218 No votes

    For God’s sake Mr. President all Americans have had enough of this liberal bull-crap. I do not believe all these individuals could fit into DC, but I do know they all want to stuff their numbers down your throat.
    Look at what the people which built the corrupt Luzerne County Pa. are facing here; our property taxes reassessed for 2009 almost doubling and another 15% tax hike again Jan. 2010. Not even a COLA increase for many, many homeowners, we have nothing left but our blood, and you do not want to buy mine because I have had to use government run VA hell-care for 31 years.


  2. thank you patpacer

    and i assume all the elected officals you speak of B.L. should watch the next time sherriff joe is re-elected

    the pope