Thursday, June 17, 2010

Candidate for Gibson County Prosecutor is a Perv!

The this AM links to the story at the Princeton Daily Clarion story about William R. Wallace, III (pic) candidate for the job of Gibson County, Indiana prosecutor.  Here's a excerpt from Andrea Howe's story:

The Democrat candidate for Gibson County Prosecutor was indicted for patronizing a prostitute, possession of child pornography, obstruction of justice and false informing by a Gibson Superior Court grand jury Tuesday evening. The judge set bond at $750 cash and scheduled a first appearance for Wallace at 9 a.m. July 2 in Gibson Superior Court. He allowed Wallace to turn himself in and post $500 bond Tuesday evening, with the remainder due by the July 2 hearing.

Special Prosecutor Jonathan Parkhurst said he would file the formal charges prior to the court hearing. He said Tuesday evening after the jury returned the bills of indictment that the case centers around a complaint from a woman who once worked for Wallace and was a former client.  Parkhurst said the woman was in the Gibson County Jail last summer when Wallace came to the jail and agreed to represent her in a divorce and a civil case for $750. The girl's mother, said Parkhurst, paid $200 up front. The woman was due to be released Sept. 9, 2009, and at that time, said Parkhurst, Wallace allegedly proposed sex for paying the rest of the bill. The special prosecutor said the woman agreed and met him in a Fort Branch apartment and had sex with him.

Parkhurst said in March 2010, Wallace allegedly contacted the woman's boyfriend and showed him videotape of the woman having sex with Wallace. Parkhurst said both the boyfriend and the woman were surprised, and the woman told investigators that she never gave consent for the sex acts to be videotaped. Parkhurst said the woman reported the matter to Gibson County Prosecutor Rob Krieg. Krieg, the incumbent Republican candidate for re-election, contacted Judge Penrod to ask for a special prosecutor to avoid a conflict of interest.

Wallace announced his candidacy for Gibson County Prosecutor in the Democrat primary last fall. He was unopposed in the spring primary. He has a private practice and once had the contract as attorney for the City of Princeton in the 1990s. Last week he reported he received an award for providing more than 50 hours of free legal service and was the only Gibson County attorney honored for the service."
Years ago I represented a woman who was picked up by an attorney who solicited her legal work while they sat in a bar. The attorney agreed to represent her in my client in her divorce and when she was unable to pay began to press her for sex.  The cl;ient secretly taped the lawyer saying he would reduce the balance of her outstanding fee, providing a menu of services he expected her to perform and the amounts by which the fee would be reduced.  The lawyer, in addition to his private practice was also the law director or assistant law director and prosecutor in multiple suburbs in and around OurTown.  

Obviously, the client was a troubled woman with a history of alcohol related problems.  As a child, the client had been sexually abused by her Step father, a notorious local attorney and (mentally ill) former Housing Court Judge, "Crazy Eddy Irishname."

Perhaps you can see why I feel so upset about this sort of exploitation.  I'm still up upset, I hope you will carry this torch, lawyers have certain powers and abilities to address these worngs and make changes that need to be made.

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