Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inappropriate Courtroom Attire

The New York Post has as amazing story about the alternate juror kicked out of a NYC courtroom for wearing a t-shirt that says "Who the F--- Is Kanye West? in 2 inch high letters.  Here is an excerpt from their report: 

The shirt in question, worn by 19-year-old alternate No. 3, Nneka Eneorj, as she sat in the front row of the jury box, caught the judge's eye just as the defendant was about to take the stand. 'WHO THE F--- IS KANYE WEST?'  the shirt read, the offending obscenity resting just above the wood veneer rail of the jury box.  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber ordered the other jurors out of the courtroom -- directing Eneorj to stand before his bench.

'Do you think it's appropriate to wear a shirt that says 'f---' on it in my courtroom?' the judge asked, anger in his voice. When Eneorj started to protest about having a sweater on -- not that it covered the front of the shirt -- the judge cut her off, demanding, 'You're excused.'

'Sounds like a personal problem,' she sniffed of the judge as she walked out of the courthouse, indignantly. 'They'd better give me my check back,' she added, scowling, meaning her $40 payment for the day's jury service. 'You will not believe what the f--- just happened!' she gabbed into her cell phone, as two news photographers snapped away on the sidewalk outside."
Here we go again?   I am seriously ill-liberal about courtroom attire as readers of Bad Lawyer know.   Whether we agree with what happens in any given courtroom or not, our clothing, our attitude and our behavior in court is necessarily respectful.  The courtroom is a place of justice and judgment.  Anything that fundamentally distracts from that purpose is mistaken, error and contemptuous, in my opinion. 


  1. Lighten up, BL! She had a sweater to wear over her t-shirt, according to the Post article!

  2. Late comment, but what can ya do!

    Did you hear about Lindsay Lohan's recent debacle. She wrote on her middle fingernail "F--- U", but the complete word, and rumor has it, the judge is now considering a contempt of court charge.

  3. Jordan--
    Very interesting, I noticed that story as well,--if you are on the Internet I don't think you could avoid it. I think the question I was asking myself was whether this sad little girl was adorned with the intent to send the Judge a smug little message or whether it was intended for another recipient. Nonetheless, pathetic Miss Lohan's karma seems to be sending her in the direction of salvation and help if she can crush her ego sufficiently to hear the message. She is an alcoholic, and indisputably sick. She is illustration one of something called: self-will run riot. God bless her, I hope she survives her rotten parenting, her disease, and her suicidal ego.

  4. How about a judge who berates lawyers who are otherwise suitably dressed about not having their shirt collar button buttoned? Many people find it hard to tolerate close fitting garments around their neck. And what is the point of a tie if not to 'tie' the shirt collar together, rendering the button superfluous?