Tuesday, June 29, 2010

License Suspsenion for Pistol Whipping a Colleague, Seems Appropriate

The IndyStar.com website relates the story of the Indianapolis attorney who is awaiting trial for pistol whipping a colleague and the emergency steps taken by the Indiana Supreme Court to suspend the lawyer's license in the interim:

"Augustus Mendenhall (pic), 39, has been jailed on $3 million bond since he was accused of trying to kill Democratic state Rep. Ed DeLaney, also an Indianapolis attorney, by holding him at gunpoint and severely beating him during an encounter Oct. 31 in Carmel.  The Supreme Court's Disciplinary Commission requested the emergency license suspension. Mendenhall's attorney, Jack Crawford, said he consented.

Mendenhall's trial is set for Sept. 7 in Hamilton Superior Court.

The attack apparently was motivated by a 26-year-old legal dispute between Mendenhall's father, Burke, and DeLaney, police said. Crawford said the younger Mendenhall is pressing an insanity defense."
Talk about the wages of ego! 

This is actually a fascinating case, apparently DeLaney was involved in a lawsuit int he 1980s that resulted in the elder Mendenhall losing real property that was confiscated because it "was gong to be used to sell pornography." 

The younger Mendenhall lured DeLaney to a vacant lot where the revenge attack took place.  Mendenhall apparently intended to kill DeLaney but the pistol jammed and Mendenhall committed the pistol whipping instead.  According to news accounts, the younger Mendenhall had just returned from Miami and was homeless at the time of the attack.

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