Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prosecutor Goes To Jail for Direct Contempt

The New Orleans Times- Picayune reports that Judge Lynda Van Davis jailed prosecutor John Alford for direct contempt of court after he informed the judge he would not comply with her order from a May 20 hearing involving a heinous mass murder.  Direct contempt is defying an order of a court before the court.  Michael Anderson (picture) was convicted by a New Orleans jury of killing 5 teenagers;  thing is, the prosecutors did not turn over a video tape interview with the sole eyewitness or make other disclosures that dramatically impeach the prosecution's case. 

Here's the rub, this guy may have committed one of the bloodiest crimes in recent New Orleans' history which if you know anything about New Orleans, is a stretch--and now, because of prosecutorial misconduct this bad guy may end up walking to kill again.  Not good.

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  1. The County District Attorney in Durham, NC was permanently removed from office yesterday (3-2-12) by a local judge, for misconduct.