Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ripping Off the Elderly, How Nice!

Here's a particularly obnoxious story of allegations against a thieving lawyer.  Linda Littlefied (mugshot) is charged with exploiting elderly clients and using their credit card to vacation in Cancun, Mexico. 

According to the report at WDBO Local News, attorney Littlefield told her elderly clients that she needed the credit cards and the bills as part of the estate planning trust she was setting up for them.  Littlefield ripped off the elderly clients to the tune of $53,000+ including her Cancun trip.

Littlefield also stole money from the trusts she set up for these folks to pay the credit card accounts.

Next to abusing and exploiting children, abusing and exploiting the elderly is about a half-step in the circles of hell.

Post-script:  here is the link to the Orlando Sentinel's more comprehensive story.  Apparently Ms. Littlefield's victims suffered Alzheimer's disease.  Outrageous.

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