Sunday, June 27, 2010

Judicial Advice (Canadian): Be a Better Criminal or Get a Job

Canoe, the source for all things Canadian has this story by Bob Vaillancourt:

"Be a better criminal or get a job, a judge told a Sudbury, Ont., drug dealer during his sentencing Thursday. Christopher Morin was sentenced to four months in jail for trafficking cocaine, among other charges, after selling drugs out of the trunk of his car to an uncover police officer last July.  That was followed by a string of other run-ins with the police, that included driving with a suspended license, possession of stolen property and breaching his court orders several times.

'How did you manage to get into this?' Ontario Court Justice Normand Glaude asked Morin during the sentencing hearing.

'Just being stupid and not wanting to work,' Morin answered.

'You'll have to be a much better criminal than this if you don't want to work,' Glaude remarked.

Morin said he plans to take a residential drug treatment program once he is released from jail."
Sounds like good advice, sounds like a good plan.

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