Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Painter of Light"--Drunk Driver

Thomas Kinkade the self-described "painter of light" got busted for DWI near his Carmel, California home last week according to the Sacramento Bee.

Kinkade appears to be doing his artiste thing backwards--so to speak.  First Kinkade has enormous financial success with his "art," now he's doing the suffering and starving artist phase with commercial collapse, spectacular fraud charges, and bankruptcy.  The following comes from Hudson Sangree's report:

"[Tom Kinkade's] company owes millions of dollars to art gallery owners who successfully pressed fraud claims.   Earlier this month the firm filed for bankruptcy protection from those gallery owners and hundreds of other creditors.

And on Friday, the 52-year-old Kinkade, who calls himself 'the painter of light,' was arrested on a DUI charge outside Carmel, where he owns a home. Kinkade could not be reached for comment Monday. But a company spokesman insisted all was well in the artist's empire. 'Tom is still painting and the business is still strong,' said Dave Satterfield.   He said Kinkade would not comment on the DUI arrest on the advice of his lawyer. Officials at Kinkade's corporate offices were still reviewing the allegations, Satterfield said."
You know, you rarely hear of art theft cases involving Kinkades, I wonder why that is?

Probably the same reason you don't see the Bad Lawyer plagiarized, all kidding aside, I do relate to Mr. Kinkade's suffering, though.  In my case, I am the cause of my misery, perhaps Mr. Kinkade will find that he is the cause of his. 

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