Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lawyer Disbarred for Sex Behind Bars-Update

Bad Lawyer reported this story last Saturday, and this morning the excellent law "blawg" Legal Profession Blog has the update, details, and a link to the opinion relating to disbarment of the West Virginia lawyer, G. Patrick Stanton, who was caught receiving sexual favors while visiting a female inmate in a prison "multi-use" room.

Mr. Stanton served as Marion County Assistant Prosecutor. Stanton served as president of the Marion County Bar Association and he was in private practice with his wife, Shirley Stanton.  In 1998, Mr. Stanton was honored by the West Virginia State Bar Association as the recipient of its annual Kauffman Award, which recognizes outstanding representation of indigent clients in the state of West Virginia.

As I said in the original post, the outrage of the disciplinary authorities was at this lawyer's use of his legal license to selfishly exploit another.  Isn't this the case when any lawyer sexually exploits a client or a client's spouse?  So why is it that sexual misconduct against or with clients customarily subjected to minimal discipline compared to financial offenses?

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