Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember the Lawyer Suspended Mid-Trial? Things Went Downhill From There!

Last Friday I told you about the lawyer and provided you with a link to the story of the attempted rape prosecution of Vincent R. Griffin (pic, left) whose attorney, Gerald T. Noel was suspended mid-trial for among other things, being incompetent. Did you think that was odd?  I did. Wait till you hear what happened next--Griffin apparently now habituated to poor representation convinced himself that he could do just as good a job at defense and took over his own representation with the Court's permission!  Apparently, Griffin was right, he was no more competent than his bodily-removed lawyer.

As you might expect, Mr. Griffin was convicted, here's the link to the story at the Columbus Dispatch. I really think this guy's ineffective assistance of counsel on appeal seems pretty sound.


  1. This blog keeps getting better and better. The stories are a rich cross of ideas and smash ups. Don't stop writing.

  2. firtst the guy has a lawyer who must of known that he was aboout to be suspended then the court let's him handle the case himself, what's wrong with the Judge?