Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Your Judge Is Busy Scalping Tickets for the Ponies . . .

The Oldham County, Kentucky magistrate, Scott Davis (pic) is in big trouble for selling Kentucky Derby tickets he didn't have, didn't own, and didn't produce for big bucks.

Davis is charged with this an various other state charges relating to the business of scalping tickets relating to the Kentucky Derby according to a report at the Louisville Courier-Journal

This is apparently a big problem in Kentucky ensnaring all sorts of folks from all walks of life.  This story is noteworthy because if involves a judicial figure who should know better.  This is a person who passes judgment on others for a living, and to be involved in running a half-assed business to try to make a killing on Kentucky Derby tickets seems, frankly, ridiculous.

OurTown is a major league, NFL, and NBA town and during championship years I am astounded by the absurd lengths folks will go to to obtain seats at these events.  I think that there is a vanity inherent in the experience along with a sort of insane logic that takes over that in hindsight seems petty and childish.  Part of this impression I've formed relates to the insight the doping scandals have cast on athletic achievements that seemed to reflect a special sort of gift reflected in competition.   While I retain residual interest, I think I'm like a lot of people casting a cynical eye at what again and again turns out to be cheating.  

That's why a situation like the blown call by umpire Jim Joyce which "ruined" the perfect game by Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga seems so special to me.  It's authentic, it's real, it's a perfect example of something very special, very memorable emanating from failure.  Isn't this something to truly aspire to, to hope for, a genuine miracle:  failure?

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