Thursday, June 24, 2010

"He Will Be the Mouthpiece"--On the Original Law Partners

"He Will Be the Mouthpiece"--is a direct quote from Exodus 4:16, The New English Bible (Oxford, 1970).

At the Bad Lawyer, I've been planning a new entry for the Mouthpiece Hall of Infamy, possibly as early as this weekend, when my reading brought me across this fantastic moment in the creation story.  You know the story, if you've not read it in the original you probably saw Charlton Heston in the Cecil B. DeMille version of  the Ten Commandmants.  Did you realize that God created the concept of the mouthpiece?

Moses, or Moshe as the Israelites called him, is out tending his father-in-law's sheep near Mount Horeb.  He sees a bush that's aflame but is not burning up.  Moses approaches, curiously, and from the bush the Creator speaks to Moses.  Let me summarize: Moses you are going to inform the Hebrew people that "I AM"  What's more, you're going to arrange it with the Hebrews such that they are going to pack up and follow you our of Egypt.  They will take with them many of the valuables and possessions that now belong to their slave holders and get this, Moses, the slave holders will voluntarily hand over this material wealth.  Furthermore, you're going to go have a meet and greet with Pharaoh and tell him that you and my chosen people are out of there, got that?

Moses is almost but not quite dumbstruck, because, get this, he starts to argue with the Creator!  And this is where it gets good, Moses tells God, hey, I'm not very good with words!  So this is where Yahweh says, Moses, you got a brother Aaron, right?  You two are going to be partners and I'm going to tell you what I want done, then in turn, you're going to tell Aaron what I want done, capeesh?  "He will be the mouthpiece!"

Thus, the Creator of the Universe formed a partnership, Moses and Aaron, LLC and the rest so to speak is history.  Now, hear me--this is very important, all my words, all of your words, all of our insights are meaningless unless we open our hearts and minds to the 99% of reality that we do not see with our eyes.  Anything is possible!


  1. Fantastic! How true it is that when you speak without ego, something powerful can take over that seems to come from outside.

  2. So who's the next "mouthpiece" hall of infamy, Badness?