Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Crush Ego, First Get Rid of the Hair Piece!

Andrew Stein (pic with the obvious toupee`) is a legendary NYC mook, a former Councilman and tax cheat.  Stein has lived a charmed life which may be coming to an end as he's been swept up in the Ponzi scheme run by celebrity investment adviser Ken Starr (no not that . . . Kenneth Starr.)

The NY Daily News story by Michael Daly is a matchless study in the wages of ego and further proof, that every road is a toll road. According to Mr. Daly, in the 1970s Stein was at a Hampton Beach with an heiress who in the surf was caught in an undertow and screaming for assistance from Stein who stood helplessely pointing at the hair piece.  The preening Mr. Stein would not dive in to help her for fear of losing his toupee`, according to Mr. Daly others dove in to rescue her.  

I had a trial instructor at OurTown's elite law school who was a wonderful teacher and better lawyer.  Gerry had a really obnoxious hair piece that fooled no one.  When I got married, my pals took me to the Schvitz for a sweat and bachelor's party.  There was Gerry sans toupee`--bald as a baby's butt.  Thereafter whenever I see a male lawyer in an obvious wig, I remember Gerry.

Part of what made Gerry so memorable, is that the toupee` did not betray the obvious ego-issues evident in Mr. Stein's "comedy."  The Daily News is having a good time speculating on Mr. Stein's mugshot.  I guarantee you that there's a FOIA request for that picture.  When the Daily News obtain and publish the photo, Mr. Stein will have paid part of the toll.

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