Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If the Cop Says You Looked Like You're Speeding, You're Speeding!

That's right folks, according to the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio Supreme Court has issued an opinion to the effect that a "trained" police officer's opinion that you were speeding is probable cause to issue you a ticket.  Furthermore, the officer's testimony, alone, is sufficient to convict you of speeding.  Nice. 

Soon the "trained" homicide detective's opinion will be sufficient to find you guilty of murder in Ohio.  Brilliant decision.


  1. Whoa,Ohio, there are rule of evidence. What is going on with that SC?

  2. I can not imagine that Ohio drivers are going to be particularly pleased with their Justices over this strange decision. On the otherhand, has any Ohio Supreme been voted out of a job in the last couple of decades, isn't Ohio another name-game system of selection?

  3. Amazing. Practically speaking, that's the law anyway no matter how effectively the ticket is challenged (at least in Maryland).