Saturday, June 5, 2010

Phoenix, Your Justice of the Peace Candidate Is a John

The Arizona Republic is reporting that the candidate for the Justice of the Peace position in downtown Phoenis is a John.  Worse, he is charged with 18 counts of prostitution with a child.

Israel Correia (pic) is charged with multiple counts of soliciting sex with minor boys.  Lovely.

Justices of the peace in Arizona handle minor misdemeanor and judicial clerical duties.  Under Arizona law they need not be an attorney.


  1. appears the mexicans are setting up shop

    a couple more months of your friendly immigration policies the border states will send heroin dealers to congress
    of course of that i might go along with if they replaced pelosi

    the pope

  2. need not be a lawyer!!! good

    need be a citizen?????

  3. Don't use "John" in that way you retarded asshole!!!