Friday, April 9, 2010

Ann Arbor Author--Shot Her Father In the Ass, Going to Jail

Back in November I told you about the case of Lisa Reardon (pic), an Ann Arbor crime novelist who showed up her parents' house and opened fire on her father, George Hicks, as he hightailed it through the kitchen in an effort to avoid hot lead. 

The original news reports of the attack reported that Ms. Reardon's beloved cat, Godfrey, died;  and, there was speculation that this may have represented the last important "anchor" to her then,  domesticity. 

A little research turned up her author's web page with titles and plot summaries that suggested a backgound steeped in alcoholism, child abuse, self-mutilation and other childhood horrors. 

So no surprise that Ms. Reardon's pre-sentence investigation is replete with references to her being a victim of child molestation by the piece of shit that she blasted. Lisa Reardon entered a plea of guilty to two counts of atttempte murder and if I understand the news account at she will do 4-6 years.  Good luck to Ms. Reardon.  I hope she finds some peace.

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