Thursday, April 29, 2010


As I cruise the blogosphere and the blawgosphere--I've noted a number of bloggers and blawgers abandoning the Google "Blogger" software format.  Apparently this relates to Google jiggling with something called the ftp-protocol which is some IP concept beyond my paygrade.  Many bloggers are migrating to Word Press--yesterday I noticed that my usual method of loading graphics was screwed with and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to upload a headshot of the Tomato King...who needs this!?  C'mon Google!

So I need ot take a bit of a pause in my frenetic posting program to figure out whether to stay with this format or to jump ship.  If I remain using "Blogger" can I figure out how to use the graphics tool, not that I do all that much with it?

I usually, work on 4 or 5 matters at a time and I try to schedule at least two posts to run on any given day.  Right now I have several ready to run--but I feel thwarted by the software issue. 

In addition I should address where I'm at--I ahve made some progress in my effort to rehabilitate my corrupt-ass and reporting my progress is the point of this "blawg."  While I have nothing dramatic to report apart from my continuing shift in perspective, I do need to update the narrative.  Wednesday nights I attend a meeting which tonight ran way past my normal bedtimes, so off I go with a promise to tell more tomorrow. 

Since this will run at 6 AM, you'll understand the issues that kept me from posting my usual nugget of outrageousness--there should be enough backlog to keep you apoplectic, so read the archives, dammit.

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