Friday, April 2, 2010

Maricopa County Prosecutor Quits

That's right, Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County incompetent political hack and frequent filer of frivolous lawsuits has quit his job as Maricopa County Attorney.  He's been so successful, he's running for Arizona Attorney General.  This idiot has somehow raised over $5 million dollars for this upcoming race, according to  Since he and Sheriff Joe have raped the Maricopa taxpayers to the tune of milliions of dollars, the most recent outrage being the $500,000 luxury bus that Arpaio bought without county permission--perhaps his donors felt that a mere $5 mil was a bargain to get rid of his incompetent ass.

By the way the picture shows County Attorney Thomas in the classic "steepling" hand gesture.  This gesture is not a prayerful gesture, it is not a humble gesture.  Whenever you see someone using this gesture, it means he or she, usually mistakenly, believes that he or she is superior to you.  Or that he or she knows more than you know.  In Thomas' case, it means he knows his time has come, he better get elected to a good job before he loses his law license or else.  Someone better tell Thomas that he can't be Attorney General and not be an attorney.

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